Greenland Agro aims to become one of the leading healthy snacking brand in India, delivering a range of quality products including high protein snacks, tea bags and cookies, to name a few amongst many other delectable options.

Driven by the recent global Covid-19 pandemic, it was brought to the Founder’s notice that it is not enough to be merely “innovative.” To make a mark in the food industry, one must align with consumer trends alongside being innovative, and one such trend is the growth of healthy snacking in India. With “Veganism” now attaining five times more interest than vegetarianism and availability of food options that are gluten free, it was only apt to create a brand that not only ticked off all the aforementioned boxes but also help in satiate one’s hunger for a long period of time with high-fibre and wholesome snacks.

Founded in 2020, in little less than 7 months, Greenland Agro not only received a whopping response from the customers but also established its name as a ‘National Healthy Snacking Brand’ recognized by Start Up Pedia and Forbes Magazine.

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