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We are a young, dynamic and aspiring International Company with offices in Asia, Europe and the US, focussing on 3 awesome services:

Making people smarter - with world-class Language & Corporate TrainingMake them understand each other better – with rock-solid Translation & Interpretation ServicesWow them during great events – with amazing and cutting-edge Event TechnologyLanguage & Corporate Training: We are pioneers using research driven learning methods and innovative learning aids for our programs – check out our youtube channel to see some of our cool stuff. If that doesn’t convince you, we will introduce you to some of our charming instructors – that will do the rest.

Translation & Interpretation: We created a new benchmark for quality interpretation and translation services based on international standards and a network of global delivery centres. If you want to meet some presidents, CEOs or bad-mouthed celebrities, this might be a shortcut compared to your singing career (which you should pursue anyway).

Conference & Event Technology: We provide access to the latest and greatest technology as well as proven or low-cost solutions. With people that actually understand how to get true value from a technical architecture, we have become reference for government agencies and academia – just check one of the latest articles about us.

You will work with project managers that are so good that we have to keep them in a secret bunker to avoid them being poached from NASA. You will partner with a sales team that is so popular that our customers want them to join their holiday trips. We have no idea what our tech team is doing all day, but our customers say it’s awesome; and they give us gizmos all the time – and who doesn’t like gizmos? You will get creative with our in-house designer who makes us look so good that our dads are concerned we think about a modelling career. And we truly love our finance team – having worked in other companies this is truly unique (once you join, you will understand).

Around the world, we give the best and expect the best. We work in a great working environment that promotes openness, fairness, multiculturalism and passion for learning. We love to perform, we love the challenge, we love to get better, we love to protect mother-nature, we love chocolate, and we love to snorkel.

Ideally, you are self-motivated, resourceful, able to think out of the box and an excellent communicator with a penchant for creativity.

If you wish to join the Globibo family, check us out on www.globibo.com or any social media. Or just drop by our office - if you guess the right number of different nationalities correctly you are entitled to a pick from our chocolate bar or a gluten-free, sugar-free, MSG-free, no-artificial-sweetener, no preservatives, dry cracker.

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