Hello Health Group is a leading health tech company focusing on the development of Healthcare platforms throughout the developing world. Hello Health Group’s mission is to lead the world in the creation of healthcare knowledge, making trustworthy information universally accessible; empowering us all to live happier and healthier lives. 

Hello Health is the only regional healthcare media network and leader in healthcare content and search. We help healthcare brands connect to a highly engaged audience across the region. Creating meaningful consumer connections using our deep audience insights, market intelligence, and knowledge of relevant local market healthcare trends. 

In 2015 we formed a team that combined decades of experience in internet venture building, branding & marketing and healthcare. Since we launched we have expanded to and lead 8 markets in Asia:

Hello Bacsi - Vietnam

Hello Sehat - Indonesia

Hello Sayarwon - Myanmar

Hello Doktor - Malaysia

Hello Khunmor - Thailand

Hello Krupet - Cambodia

Hello Yishi - Taiwan

Hello Swasthya - India

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