KitchenXS is India’s first managed cloud kitchen platform that incubates & assists restaurants/brands scale their off-premise food business by increasing restaurants’ off-premise food availability across different locations via offering kitchen operations as a service through our cloud kitchens.

We establish a deep operational partnership with multiple restaurants/food joint players & assist them across the entire value chain by offering holistic services such as Industrial kitchen space, raw material procurement, warehousing & inventory management, order processing, cooking, packaging, logistics and customer management etc. Multiple such partner brands are operated from a single kitchen, thus allowing us to leverage the efficiencies of shared resources and better 

kitchen utilisation.

We eventually plan to create a platform of brands, which will be operated across our network of shared kitchens as per the demographic needs of that region. This will allow us to navigate the scalability challenges associated with demographic/geographic preference and the high cost of food innovation & marketing incurred by current players.

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