As per pre-start-up research, we conducted, about 43.85 % of snags or certain failures are created worldwide is because of overutilization, underutilization, or no utilization of certain things which is deemed necessary for that particular time. Now, this may be applied for anything, ranging from business skills, personal skills, communication skills or start-up skills; even though the problems are created, there is always a solution, as it is rightly said, if there is a problem there is a solution and in between the problems and solutions there is something called Design Thinking also creative thinking and most importantly self-thinking! As per research made by IBM, about 38% of Startup ideas or innovations are left halfway having its doors closed because they lack a major part called Design thinking but not limited to design thinking only. We have done almost 8 case studies prior to scaling things up and we deemed Design thinking is the need of the hour  Yes! We are a Design Thinking solution providing Company, and also we provide Design thinking and Creative Thinking solutions- Training to budding entities) and young talents across the country. 

Lighting Lanterns Media Works private limited (LLMW) is a company, steadfast for a positive enablement culture through Design thinking and Creative and core receptive thinking. We operate as problem solvers for mid-sized companies who find it difficult to run business, we are open for brainstorming and offers design thinking tools to identify problems and create groundbreaking solutions. What we wanted is to create a change-making step of Innovation. We are problem solvers. 

We are a training company and product Development Company with special emphasises for Design Thinking, blended with some unique principles that were carefully designed to suit the needs of customer. We work on an enabler model rather than a creator model, we pact on grooming a generation who could analyse, respond and then react on problems created. What we bring is a change that will be a need of hour. We train young folks at schools and colleges in design thinking principles. We are Trainers  

When there is a need there are ideas and that is how a product is developed. We are product developers. 

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