Our Mission
Our mission is to make sustainability a way of life, not a luxury.
We intend to do this by inspiring you to live a healthy and sustainable life by making eco-friendly products more accessible and empower your decision to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Story
We’re just like you. No, really. We know the struggles of switching to a sustainable lifestyle, and we’ve been there. At Minimo, we believe that sustainability is a lifestyle that everyone should consider. But for you to even consider it, it’s important to feel like you can give it a fair chance without breaking the bank. And that’s why we decided to do something about it, and created products that are not only healthy for you and the earth, but also don’t harm your pockets!
Affordable sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Minimo, and we want to encourage you to live a guilt-free life.

Why Minimo?
Minimo is defined by our culture. We believe that everyone has something to offer and we encourage our team to take bold steps and solve problems. Everyone is equal at Minimo and there is freedom to express and take ownership of things and projects that you care about.
At Minimo, you can: Be unique. Be authentic. Be you.
So far, we have helped more than 50000 people make the switch to a sustainable way of life. The work we do makes a real difference in the lives of people around the world and does a ton of good for the environment. We are here to make a difference and Redefine Basics. We build and make things that matter and we are just getting started.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for leaders. We are looking for Innovators. We are looking for team - builders.
We are trying to change the way people live, and it’s not easy. If you are up for the challenge and are willing to put in the long hours and not give up, hit us up. We party hard, really hard and we work harder!
If you can work in a team, take ownership and responsibility and stand up for what you do, Minimo is the right fit. Be assured that when working with Minimo, your job profile is not limited to the profile you apply for.

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