OPEN (Online Progressive Engagement Network) is a new and growing association of the world's leading grassroots campaigning organizations who use cutting-edge digital tools to mobilise large-scale public advocacy for the common good. Our member organizations share a deep commitment to fair economics, preserving a healthy environment for our children, equality for all genders, religions, sexual orientations and a clean, accountable democracy. As a multi-national networking organization, OPEN helps insights, expertise and collaboration to flow seamlessly across borders between our member organizations and our international allies. This maximizes our collective impact on the social and political challenges we face while enabling us to think and build cumulatively -- rather than redundantly. This dramatically accelerates innovation and helps new organizations to launch and thrive in record time. The result: more people-powered social change, in more places, much faster. The fully established members of the OPEN now include MoveOn in the United States (1998), Campact in Germany (2004), GetUp in Australia (2006), 38 Degrees in the UK (2009), and Leadnow in Canada (2011). Jhatkaa, our newest start up, launched in late 2013 in India. We are also currently supporting start-ups in 10 additional countries across Asia, Africa and Europe. Together, OPEN member organizations directly engage over 14.5 million individual supporters across the world and drive tens of millions of grassroots actions online and offline each year. OPEN is a USA based entity, fiscally sponsored by California (USA) based non-profit organisation CEL Education Fund (CELEF). CEL Education Fund’s mission is to empower tech-savvy organizations and individuals that are keeping the public informed about how key institutions like government, corporations, and the media are affecting their lives.

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