Payed is a financial services company that helps Parents pay education fees monthly, in a subscription manner.

Payed asks "Why do we have to pay High education fees, in lump sum, in advance, every time - and why not pay Monthly?" Payed has created a unique subscription styled product that lets Parents pay fees monthly across Institutes, KG to PG, in an easy affordable manner. We have partnered with RBL bank.

Firstly, Payed is FREE to apply and takes ZERO collateral, deposits or bank visits.

Secondly, Payed is affordable, and works like a subscription model. Charges a few hundred rupees / month. ZERO processing fees. ZERO payment gateway charge. ZERO prepayment penalty.

Thirdly, Payed works very simply. At the beginning of every term, Parent asks Payed to transfer fees to College upfront, and Payed collects monies monthly from Parents. And Payed takes just 2 documents, that too online!

Last but not the least, Payed offers rewards to Parents, up to Rs. 12,500 / year, by spending on card linked to Payed's account. Perhaps India's first product that rewards Parents on education spends!

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