This fairytale, like all fairytales, started with a few dudes in distress. One was lamenting his dear departed tennis partner, the second grieving for the badminton racquet left behind, the third desolate after another football weekend that never happened, the fourth broke and gymless from another membership waylaid, and the fifth just hashtag bored to death. Alas, unlike in other fairytales, no fair damsel came to their rescue and they allowed for a while in their sorrow. And so they finally did what all forsaken souls do, start building their very own Neverland, a place for all restless adrenaline junkies like themselves, and thus a thought, nay a belief called Playo was sown.

Come, relive those cherished childhood moments when you exchanged high fives or wept as one for a loss. Time to get your lovable varsity jersey out and give your neighbor a shout or go challenge your colleague, better still make a new friend. Get addicted to Playo and create your own happily ever after!

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