The Sports Rush is a digital destination for insightful, real time and cutting edge sports content for the entire sports fraternity. This includes website and social channels catering to fans, elite athletes, coaches and aspiring athletes. 

Our current portfolio comprises of an all sports content website, a fantasy gaming prediction mobile application and an under development sports engagement and rewards platform. 

In 3 years of operations, our content website (www.thesportsrsuh.com) has garnered 100 million+ views, with extensive coverage about various international and indigenous sports.

On a daily basis, the content website gets close to 2 lakh page views and the number is sure to skyrocket in the coming months.

A good 20% of our viewership is international and we’ll be looking to penetrate further in that market as well as maintain our stronghold over the Indian sporting community.

In order to achieve our ‘sporting dream’, we are looking to hire enterprising, enthusiastic and passionate individuals who want to hop on and help make this dream a reality

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