“ReachLaw” is a full-service multi-jurisdictional Indian Law Firm, whose attorneys and consultants are experienced and committed to providing the highest level of quality legal service to society. ReachLaw has built its reputation on outstanding impact oriented results for its clients across South India.  

We are driven by a passion for law practice and profound respect for the institution of law. Over the years, our experience spanning across sectors leaves us adept at problem solving. We recognise that solutions do not lie just in the letter of the law, but rather in building and sustaining relationships with the institutions within the law through a passionate and sincere approach to law practice. This approach founded upon integrity, has inspired trust in our intentions and abilities across the judiciary and law enforcement

The legal work of the firm has brought about exceptional changes in the lives of people and society. Reach law focuses on extending its ability to provide clients with efficient solutions, cost-conscious time management and individualized, focused attention, upholding human right philosophy, all of which the clients be worthy of. Its member’s commitment to client interest means to strive for legal excellence as well as an appreciation of the commercial environment. We make it easier for our clients to successfully navigate the maze of complex and rapidly-changing law in a world that is being continually transformed by globalization, technology and a blurring of conventional boundaries. Our team of lawyers and consultants works diligently, and collaboratively to be a “trusted advisor” to every client we service.

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