Rentoosh india pvt ltd. Was established in the year 2019 and is providing a wide range3 of rental products and rental services throughout the India. We are proud to offer our customers pper to peer renting where they can earn and save together. Our user responses are the rflection of our excellent quality service and inexorable commitment to high standards of service. Rentoosh India Pvt. Ltd. Offer everyone a chance to get employed their selves by giving a human resource option where they can list their selves and work under the policies of rentoosh to give users high quality service and earn while learning a profession. Our head office is in Kanpur, and other two offices (delhi and Mumbai) are under the planning stage. The company has started growing from day one and now have a good customer base with best service providers in their field. Company is also focused on the environmental concern and promoting the maximum use of waste product buy rental market.

Rentoosh India pvt. Ltd. Is a professional Rental service company with its activities spread over all rental products and rental services that includes furniture, Automobile (car, bike, heavy vehicle) Electronics, home appliances, kitchen wares, computers, cooling systems, office needs, Power tools , property and human resources & handyman etc. We also offer users a one time secure payment service with secure security deposit and rental reminders.

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