Saathi is your trusted companion for all your curiosities, experiences, doubts and insecurities related to love, sex and relationships for which you may not get the correct answers in your neighbourhood. It is possible in our society that we may be uncomfortable in asking questions to our elders due to the social stigma around these topics and also more than often we find our friends and peers to be as clueless of the question and circumstances in our lives as we are. In such cases we often find ourselves stranded and may end up making an uninformed decision.

Saathi helps you by bringing answers from learned psychologists, sexologists and relationship experts which help you in improving your personal well being and also improve your love life. At Saathi you can explore & learn from the huge database of thousands of real questions & answers about what people around you have felt and experienced. Also, feel free to ask any of your doubts on our platform and our experts will help you with your answers in under 24 hours.

Having a good love life not just improves your mental and physical health but it is very helpful in building you & your partner's emotional well being which in turn effects our life in more than just one manner. In the pursuance of a good love life a lot of things matter, your food habits, your thought process, your physical well being. Saathi is here to guide you step by step in all your difficulties. All you have to do is ask us where are you facing an issue in life. And DON'T WORRY, we do not share your details with anyone!!

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