SlicePay is a bridge which gives easy access to products and services that students and the young generation already need and use. Early access and exposure to credit not only improves their future financial aspects, but also goes a long way in increasing the financial inclusiveness of our country at large.

India's young generation drives major consumption across product and services today. There are going to be 480 million youngsters in 15-35 age group in India by 2025 - and we are building core capabilities to serve the unmet financial needs of this segment of the population.

We are focused on providing a fair and simpler way of accessing financial products to our customers. We continue to empower and educate our young customer for financial needs throughout their lifecycle. With a strong understanding of risk and consumption behaviour through proprietary data analytics, we are able to micro-segment our customers to drive fair opportunity and pricing. With tested product features and customer service practices, we have built one of the simplest on-boarding and engaging experience for our customers.'

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