StoryMirror is India's fastest growing community for readers and writers. With 5 million readers, 300000+ stories & poems, and 22000+ storytellers in 10 languages, the organization is gaining new heights, wherein every writer can freely explore and promote his/her creativity. StoryMirror bridges the gap between writers & readers and encourages people to come forth and write irrespective of their language, age, background, and skills.
Why StoryMirror:

StoryMirror provides multiple benefits to the writing community, such as; you can catalog all your writing forms like stories, poems, quotes, blogs, audio, etc. on a single platform. StoryMirror is the only platform to provide end to end support & services to the writing community, various rewards & recognition programs for writers, multiple writing competitions to challenge your creativity & make sure that you never run out of ideas to write and a vast community of readers.

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