People, We are talking about the constant skirmishes that we battle within ourselves each day. The countless constellations of thoughts, the midnight conversations with our own individuality, and many more. Those endless combats!

This is about time to acknowledge them all and delve deeper into the multitude of realms they pose.

But wait, we announce that it's high time to calm your nerves down, to get your senses buckled up and let the spark in you be invigorated as BIT Sindri, one of the oldest and premium technical institution of India, launched its very first TEDx talk, the theme being- "The Infinity War" on 12th Nov '2019 and is fully set to launch its second edition.

Our motive, here at TED is to bring the most zestful and enterprising personalities to deliver talks which are idea-focused and covers a range of topics. The talk could be up to 18 minutes, on any topic the speaker is interested in.

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