Job Description

The Campus Ambassador Programme by Unschool provides you with the opportunity to be the face of Unschool on your campus.

About Unschool:

Unschool is a market-place for everyone who has the knowledge to share or a skill to teach, to coach inspired individuals wanting to learn. Learning should never cease to be part of life. Hence, we aspire to have teachers come host courses on our platform and coach a generation of learners. We, at Unschool, believe that teaching is not meant only for conventional teachers, but in the idea that anyone and everyone can teach (and learn).

Role: Campus Ambassador of Unschool at your College/University.

Details: You must be a student of the College/University, on whose name you will be applying.

Tenure: 3 Months 


1 )Strong PR and communication skills

2)Should have a strong network of followers/connections on all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)


1)Share posts from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram page of Unschool on your social media handles.

2)Promote Unschool courses/offerings on campus

3)Increase the following of Unschool on social media handles.


1) Completion Certificate

2) A free course -On Completion of Intern you will receive a free course of own choice.

3)A stipend (strictly based on performance targets)

4) LoR for Excellent Performance

Contact Details