Our company is looking for qualified sales & marketing interns to assist in various stages of the sales funnel. The interns will be visiting various areas in the Delhi NCR region. They will be working in teams to gather and compile a list of leads. The interns will be using their strategic and communication skills to generate lists of potential customers. The ideal intern will be a great fit for our energetic and creative team. They will gain hands-on experience while working on challenging & meaningful assignments. 

In the era of digital nomads, we connect entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses with a wide range of affordable co-working spaces, office spaces, private offices, conference rooms and even event spaces. Customers can instantly book their ideal location quickly and easily. We also offer an opportunity for our service providers to achieve higher occupancy rates with their existing spaces and also the ability to monetise the unused spaces. We want to help re-imagine and digitise the customer's experience. 

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