Abby, the Livestreaming Ecommerce Platform and Yuyiii, Bespoke Weekend Getaway Portal both belong to Yuyi Stays and Travels Private Limited.

About Abby:

Abby is an Online Shopping platform leveraging Live Streaming. Imagine an application which is a fusion of an ecommerce shopping site like Amazon + a Home shopping Channel + a Social media platform like Instagram. On Abby, there will be trained Shopping Assistants who will be aspirational, will make Shopping fun, encourage the creation of a like-minded shopping community. 

About Yuyiii

Yuyiii is a bespoke Travel Portal for Weekend Getaways. On Yuyiii, properties are hand-picked and Yuyiii's photo/video team visits each property to get authentic photos and videos which tell a tale of how the property came about. Each property is verified and reviewed in detail by an impaneled Travel Expert.

Internships by Yuyiii

Contact Details

  • www.yuyiii.com
  • Supreme Business Park, Hirnanandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai