Who are we? (http://andnothingelse.in):

We’re a bunch of ex-Unilever marketeers, trying to undo the damage that traditional marketing has done to our food. We’re building the world’s most-iconic, most-transparent food brand, but we don’t even have a logo. Forget logo, we barely even have a brand name!

Why ‘and nothing else’?

We're a health-obsessed company. And we believe that good health starts with good, clean food.

Now, given our extremely busy modern-day lifestyles, we're all increasingly relying on packaged food (that snack bar at the airport, that packet of mixed nuts in your bag, that greek yogurt as dessert). Unfortunately, though, most brands pretending to be healthy', are actually selling us a bunch of lies. 

Did you know, that your healthy, ‘no sugar added’ juice, has a ton of added sugar? Or that your healthier ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate, is actually 64% sugar-alcohol? Or that your digestive ‘oats’ cookie, has <7% oats?

We intend to change that. And that's why we exist. 

Contact Details

  • http://andnothingelse.in
  • Samitha Commercial Premisses co.op society LTD, Building no 16/A gala no 8 near Saki Naka Telephone exchange, Saki Naka