BurgundyBox, is an emerging consumer brand , with multiple food products and solutions as its offering. 

The Brand offers a Ready to Cook kit, which covers a range of culinary experiences, from Gourmet Indian to Thai, Italian and Chinese. The format is designed to provide our customer, with a fully prepped dish, where all the shopping, chopping, cleaning, sauce/gravy preparation is done and the customer, receives all the above in a delightful and hygenic packaging. The maximum cooking time the artist ( the customer) has to spend on completing this work of art, is 20 minutes. All components are prepared fresh in our commissary on the day the package is delivered and the suggestion to the user is to consume the same fresh. 

BurgundyBox’s focus is to reduce dependence upon that elusive “ home help/ maid” or on eating out, & bring the focus back to , Do It Yourself.  

The second solution provided to consumers is a Ready to Eat meal, which comes hygienically and attractively in a tray, under the sub-brand “Served” . The meal is geared to provide a five star coffee shop experience, where the tray provides a full meal experience in itself. The freshness in the menu comes from frequent introduction of new dishes and menu shifts, which is a regular feature with this product, giving consumer a great choice in the process. 

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