Welcome to the world of micro investing - save & invest the easier & smarter way.

Pennywise is a platform where you can save, invest and compound your spare change, every time you e-spend.

With pennywise, round up your spare change from everyday transactions to the nearest multiple (10, 50 or 100) of your choice. Be it any mode of digital payment (UPI, e-wallet, Net banking, Debit Card, Credit Card), we got you covered. We then move your collected spare change from your bank account and invest into diversified financial avenues of your choice.

So, for example, let's say you just did you groceries worth Rs 274. Our app will detect your transaction, calculate the rounded up spare change to the nearest multiple (lets say 50), for ex. Rs 26 in this case (300-274) and then move this Rs 26 directly from bank account into an investment avenue of your choice. Thus it helps you save and invest every time you e-spend and help you become financially independent with time.

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