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Internship Details

Outline of the (eventual) Assignment:

1. You first need to understand behaviour concepts based on James Prochaska's "Change for good"

2. We need to apply these concepts to the real life events and situations of my customer group. This will involve a series of discussions over a period of time with a number of people. 

3. Finally these discussions have to be documented and certain conclusions have to be drawn.

Pre-Assignment Discussion/What is to be done right now: 

>>>> Please make sure you are interested in this kind of an engagement. This is an intermittent effort spread over several weeks or months. Even if you think you are, before we start this assignment, I am asking that you have two hour long discussions with my team. That will help you to really understand what we need and help us to understand your applicability for this role.<<<<

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 24th Apr `17


Rs. 1000-15000

About Company

Diabetes is a medico-social phenomenon, almost without compare. We believe that the acceleration of the problem across the globe is simply much greater than the rate of its alleviation. Having said that, we believe a rapidly scalable and successful solution has to include an element of self-management on the part of you, the patient with some encouragement from friends, relatives and the larger community. And we believe we have the technology to make a system like this actually work.

That is what the HumLife360 platform is designed to do. Collect data points pertaining to your health, collect information on your lifestyle, use technology to project trajectories that will help bridge the gap between your health and the Lifestyle you want your health to support. It is simple to understand even simpler and to use.

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