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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are looking for a creative Animator to develop excellent with 2D. Your work will give life to storylines and characters videos.
Animators possess a creative eye and artistic aptitude. They can easily turn a script or a concept into an impressive computer-generated animation.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• You'll create the complete 2d animation based on the storyboards and scripts
• Artists to create animated 2- dimensional animations to give the impression of action.
• Prepare design plan, concept and layout for motion graphic and character animations project.
• Participate in brainstorming session to share new design perspectives and ideas.
• Maintain and follow best practices for versioning control, naming convention and organization of graphic files.
• You will work closely with the art directors to create videos with Character animation and motion graphics.
• In time you’ll be expected to bring in new ideas to the table and innovate with every project.
• Expertise in storyboarding / sound design is an added advantage
• Collaborate with members of the creative team to produce quality Animations.


1.internships certificate
2. Pre-placement offer (PPO)
3. Flexible working hours

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 20th Jul `19


Rs. 8000-10000

About Company

Depth of thoughtfulness, unrivaled creativity, world of dedication, and oodles of fun define The Chitrakars.

The Chitrakars is a group of exuberant young creative minds with an expertise to provide exhilarating creative expressions to your ideas, thoughts & memorable moments.

They know how to add life to a video, which, in fact, can act as the information provider about the company. Our animated explainer videos, promotional videos, whiteboard videos, motion graphics, and other creative stuffs are packed with creativity and art. That is why you get an unprecedented advantage in terms of communicating your brand.

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