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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are seeking for the candidates who are pursuing/completed MBA & also who is well determined, ambitious and must have the eagerness to learn. The candidate must have prior knowledge in marketing and one of the candidates among all will be given a chance to try new tricks to launch the product in the market. Who has IT background as work experience before MBA is most preferable. Determined candidates would also get an opportunity to travel to abroad for the business trip.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Assist the sales team to manage, engage with and convert leads.
2. Work on and update the brand's CRM tool on a timely basis.
3. Be a part of an aggressive sales team and get on calls with prospects to chase monthly/quarterly targets.



No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 27th Jun `19


Rs. 5000-15000

About Company

BENEVOLENCE TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in Enterprise Information on Management (EIM) products services. Our EIM products enable businesses to grow faster, lower operational costs, and reduce information governance and security risks by improving business insight, impact and process speed.

We power digital transformations to empower the intelligent and connected enterprise. Enabling companies to digitize processes and supply chains and discover value in their information with analytics and Artificial Intelligence. BENEVOLENCE TECHNOLOGIES offers greater business insight to make data-driven decisions for success.

We help companies learn and implement the value of digital transformation, thereby giving them the transition on how to operate and execute the digital products.

The Benevolence Technologies with five principals dedicated to integrity and excellence in content management technology and financial consulting.

Through gaining experience in various economic periods, our team are able to identify the best opportunities whether we are in good times or bad times. Good times provide growth in our portfolio and bad times, despite the potential negative effects, can provide opportunities.

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