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Internship Details

About Internship:


Call, connect and convert NGO's in your city

Onboard all students/kids and give training to teachers, founders and other key people on how to use the app

Find mentors in the area of each interest and facilitate mentoring sessions at NGO's.

Conversion: NGO is considered converted when their profile is registered on qause and student onboarding starts.

Induction: NGO induction is considered done when 100% of kids are onboarded and NGOs start using any one module of our app(attendance, budget, volunteer management, uploads, mark sheets, etc).

Roles and Responsibilities:

In your Internship program, you have to achieve the following:
a)10 NGO's with complete 100% induction of kids and usage of any one module
b)10 mentor visits
c)10 videos of stories captured in NGO's


1.Internship Certificate
2.Stipend on the basis of performance
3.Flexible work hours
4.Work from home applicable.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 17th Sep `19


Rs. 1000-5000

About Company

Qause is working towards giving the underprivileged kids a platform to showcase their innate talent. It is also working towards digitising the NGOs across the country and giving them a platform to make their life easier by managing their day to day activities like attendance, budget, volunteer management, donation management, expense, mark-sheet, etc through one digital platform. We are trying to help the NGOs by giving them the power of technology to manage their work. They no more have to go through records to find a joining date of a kid to the NGO as we have solved this problem for them it'll be visible in the students profile. The NGO founder can remotely track the presence and absence of kids/staffs in NGO through our platform. These are just few of the many problems which we are solving for the NGOs and trying to help them by using the power of technology.

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