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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are looking at candidates who have passion for marketing & sales and also want to try their hands at Entrepreneurship. Once selected, the intern will be enrolled as a Campus Spark that empowers him to run his own business as a 5paisa partner.

Selected "Campus Spark" will be required to work on 2 projects:

Project 1-Refer family and friends for opening demat account to the sales team mapped to you
Renumeration- Earn Rs. 250 per referred account upto 5 accounts. Do more than 5 accounts and earn Rs. 500 per referred account

Project 2- Spread the word in the campus and add more Campus Sparks.
Renumeration- When a peer joing the program through your reference and refers atleast 1 account, he will be deemed a Campus Spark and you will get Rs.250 per Campus Spark

Other than developing a thorough understanding of capital markets, this internship will also teach you how to develop your skill sets in sales planning and execution, networking and digital marketing. You will also learn a lot about running your own business as a financial advisor.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Selected Ambassadors or "Campus Sparks" will be required to

- Work on Business development for 5paisa as a 5paisa Partner outside campus
- Explain benefits of the 5paisa Partner program to peers at campus and enroll them as sub-partners


>Work from home or college
>Capital Markets training
>Internship Letter
>Performance based income with no limits

Earning Structure:

Project 1- Earn Rs. 250 per referred account upto 5 accounts. Do more than 5 accounts and ear Rs. 500 per referred account
Recognition- Achieve 10 accounts and Earn Certificate- Star Performer Sales

Project 2- Get Rs.250 per Campus Spark enrolled under you
Recognition- Achieve 5 sub-partners in a month and Earn Certificate- Star Networker

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 27th Jul `19


Rs. 1000-1001

About Company

5paisa Capital Limited (formerly known as 5paisa) is India's leading Online Financial Services provider, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is the second largest discount broking firms in India, incorporated on 10th July 2015. 

5paisa Capital Limited is a member of NSE, BSE and MCX Exchanges and is registered with CDSL. The company also has a membership of AMFI for Mutual Fund Distribution.

5paisa has transformed the traditional way of financial services business by coming up with an -Online Discount Broker Model-. Under this model, 5Paisa charges lowest in the industry, a flat fee of Rs. 10/- per transaction irrespective of the amount whereas traditional full-service brokers charge in terms of percentage of the transaction amount.

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