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Internship Details

Work as sales servicing personnel on strategy presentations, pitching and cold calling for new as well as existing clients by doing a thorough sectorial research. The profile would also require to interact with the clients and understand their nature of business and suggest them services that best serves their growth and visibility in the market.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 5th Dec `16


Expenses Covered

About Company

Imagine a situation where in you enter a restaurant and your food is ready to be served; you don't have to wait for your table, struggle to gain a waiter's attention and hope that your food would be served soon. Whoop provides a technology where in you go to the application on your smartphone - select the restaurant from where you want to eat, select the food items, choose the delivery options - dine-in or take away and select a time slot available and walk in to the restaurant when your food is ready to be served.

Restaurants and customers being the primary customers, Whoop allows both, the restaurants and the customers to save a lot of time. As per the primary research conducted, it was concluded that for restaurants it reduces the turnaround time by 25 to 30% and helps the restaurants to squeeze in more tables,provides them with a competitive edge and hence increases their revenue. For the customers, it's a more hassle free solution, which helps them to improve their restaurant experience, and to you use their time more effectively. Whoop is not just about saving time but it is a whole new level of convenience for the end consumers.

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