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Internship Details

About Internship:

In this internship, you will learn each and every role from digital marketing, e-commerce, product development, accounting, etc. The ideal intern:

1. Should have a do it now, everything is a possible attitude and learning will happen immediately if you have such an attitude
2. Should have a detailed observation to identify poor quality in anything after being given the domain knowledge
3. Top 3 important things you will be learning here is to create the - process, process, process
4. Should be great at follow-ups and getting the job done within the deadline

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Managing vendor deliveries, relations, etc
2. Doing sales analysis of online sales data, finding strategies to increase online sales
3. Inventory Management, Re-ordering, creating new
4. Accounts management, Managing payments of vendors, etc.
5. Product Development which helps the company in achieving its mission.
6. Traveling and meeting vendors and clients will be necessary when required.
7. Digital Marketing will also be a significant role of this profile.


1. Certificate
2. Letter of recommendation
3. Job offer.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Sep `19


Rs. 5000-5000

About Company

Allo Innoware is a startup in kitchenware industry by veterans having more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing of kitchen products exported worldwide.

Mission - 

Our only purpose is to care for your health and you. We provide products that are built with our purpose and we aspire to touch lives globally using the lightning speed digital channels. 

Brand Philosophy:

Health plays an important role in our daily life.

However, it is often considered a serious subject.

When we were young, our books and toys were more colorful and fun. As we grew older, things changed and the fun elements faded.

But life is about balance. 

Hence, we created Allo with the purpose of keeping your health as a priority and also to balance it by adding the fun element in design for you.

We use more than 20 years of our experience in manufacturing of kitchen products to achieve the purpose of Allo.

Welcome to the Allo family, hope we make every meal a great experience

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