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Headphone Zone, is the retail and distribution wing of Ferrari Video that specializes specifically in Headphones and Earphones. We sell over 30,000 Headphones and Earphones every month across India through an extensive distribution network that spans over 4000 retail stores across the country. 100 Online portals which resell our products, and 14 of our own exclusive Headphones and Earphones retail stores, which are the first of its kind in Asia. We're pioneers in our field, and are by far India's largest sellers of Headphones and Earphones. So needless to say, we're heavily involved in the Retail industry, the Consumer Products and Technology space as well as the Online Retail industry. With 8 Offices across India, and over 120 employees, we're not exactly a small company or a start-up. But Headphone Zone really is run exactly like a Start-Up, where decisions are quick, hierarchy is flat, roles aren't defined and responsibilities are spread like a buffet, and a young culture that is as much about fun and learning as it is about working extremely hard and excelling in every professional capacity. At the Office of the CEO, we're a small team that run the company that's spread thin across India. What do we do? Working closely with our customers to achieve the maximum potential Tweak operations one step and a time to nail our efficiency Working on growing the business through new opportunities Plugging obvious and not so obvious holes spread across the board Hiring the right people to build the best team of committed and talented individuals Motivating the team to achieve above and beyond their imaginations Looking very carefully at costs that save every small penny that goes a long way. Needless to say, running a company doesn't come with a check list of things to do, but a well defined vision and mission that helps us come up with the right strategies to achieve them. It's important that anyone who would like to work with us, is extremely motivated to learn every aspect of running a successful business. It obviously helps if your also interested in Retail, Music and Consumer Electronics. While I don't believe that professional degree is required in terms of a qualification, it's extremely helpful if you have studied a Bachelors or a Masters in Business Management to truly understand what you are working on. (Or else you will have to get a crash course in Business Management from me.) It would also be extremely important that your comfortable with numbers. Working with Excel would be a key tool for you to understand whats happening across the business and drill down the details to find opportunities that have been overlooked. Presenting them to the concerned department or team, and working out the right strategies not only requires creativity, but a fair amount of patience since not everyone sees the bigger picture. The work is anything but repetitive monotonous work. But scheduling time and budgets, not just for yourself but for the rest of the team helps keep everyone from obsessing about the little stuff and keeping enough control on the entire company regularly. From everything I have described, it's fair to warn anyone applying for the job that as with most Start-Ups they must be prepared to work extremely hard in the midst of what might seem like a lot of chaos. The most important requirement - You must be a lot of fun to work with!

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Apply by: 30th Apr `14


Rs. 10000-15000

About Company

In India’s fast growing retail industry filled with crowded hyper markets, monotonous electronic chains and absent music outlets, comes an innovative concept store that combines fashion, technology and entertainment. Headphone Zone is India’s first exclusive Headphone Retail Brand featuring the World's Finest Headphones from premium brands renowned for their sound, design and style. Our online store - www.headphonezone.in is amongst fastest growing Online Retail brands.

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