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Internship Details

The candidate will be given an opportunity to conduct primary and secondary research for a possible business opportunity. The individual will be heading the department post the analysis.
Role :
Conducting Primary research
Managing a team
Critical evaluation of a given business opportunity
Handling customer queries post business set up
Generating leads
Recruiting a team that is to be managed
Requirements :
Business acumen
Effective Communication skills
Marketing knowledge
Know how on formulating a business plan

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st May `14


Expenses Covered

About Company

Education has become a top priority for all. Unfortunately, the demand in high quality school education has not been matched by a supply of high quality teachers. Teacher training caters to an education system which looks at knowledge and learning as a downward transmission of information. In such a system, 'completion of the syllabus' takes disproportional precedence over reflection on professional practices, personal growth and measuring true effectiveness. Meliorate Consulting is a strategic intervener to bridge the gaps through its gamut of professional assessment and reflection processes and related services. Meliorate works to unfold and realize teachers' growth potential and upgrade their competency levels. Meliorate also trains for Personal Tutorship and caters to students' need for knowledge support and mentoring by providing for a Meliorate Mentor. Meliorate means 'to make better'. Meliorate strives to edify the experience of education, both for the teacher and the student.

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