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Internship Details

About Internship:

We at NewsExplain, are a bunch of enthusiastic nerds, who seek to comprehend the political, economic and social events happening all over the world and in turn explain these events to all, so as those who have an interest to know, get a better insight and those who do not follow such happenings, build an interest. For this collective initiative, we need the assistance of passionate writers and researchers, who are willing to help us make NewExplain a success. So if you have the slightest interest or have a writing bug that needs to be out, contact us and join us in this adventure to make news free, accessible and explanatory to all.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The hired intern will be working on articles related to national, international and sports news. The intern would have to write at least 1 article per week on the aforementioned topics. The basic skills required for this role are proficiency in English writing skills as well as general awareness about the topics on which the interns would write their articles.


1.Certificate of internship
2.Letter of recommendation

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 20th Sep `20


Rs. 0

About Company

Have you ever picked up a news article to understand the national and international events happening across the world? And then discard away the news piece because it was either too detailed or too complicated to comprehend? Worry no more. We bring you our recently launched online magazine, NewExplain, to solve all your problems. Through this magazine, we aim to enlighten all, about all news events happening under the big blue sky in the simplest of language so that you as a reader do not waste your time going through unnecessary words to glean information about day to day affairs. Through our carefully worded articles, you will not have to refer to any other source and you will be able to get all the facts you need in a span of a few minutes.

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