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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are looking at a passionate, creative and skillful person who can work with our products team to create content for our upcoming healthcare software product for India . It is a B2C product with a targeted customer base of 10 Million in the next 1 year. The role will be intense with lots of challenges for the team in ensuring the reach across the length and breadth of Indian customers. This product is slated to impact the health care industry in a significant way. The intern is expected to be extremely proficient in spoken and written English with a penchant for creating medical content. The person will have to create content in a fast paced environment in various formats that can be immediately consumed by the product team. The intern will have to dynamically think on her/his feet to check what is working and what is not and adapt the content to ensure customers sign up for our product. The person will be authoring content in text, audio and video formats to be consumed by various advertising and marketing platforms and social media.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Writing content on topics in the medical field, health issues, and formating it for immediate use by the web app and mobile app teams
2. Creating and updating the content of the product website periodically to achieve exponential engagement of users
3. Creating visually-appealing and engaging content in video format and PowerPoint for product training and product promotions using the latest available tools
4. Monitoring the number of visitors visiting the website and working towards enhancing the same as per agreed targets
5. Monitoring the number of downloads from the App Store and reporting the trends for effective actions to enhance the same
6. Researching industry-related topics (combining online sources, interviews, and studies)
7. Writing clear marketing copies to promote our products/services
8. Preparing well-structured drafts using content management systems
9. Coordinating with the marketing and design teams to illustrate articles
10. Conducting simple keyword research and using SEO guidelines to increase web traffic
11. Promoting content on social media
12. Identifying customers' needs and gaps in our content and recommending new topics
13. Ensuring all-around consistency (style, fonts, images, and tone)
14. Bringing in unique creativity and passion for the customers and the product to the workplace


1. Certificate

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Jan `21


Rs. 10000-10000

About Company

SPECRIO is a unique value proposition to our customers, where we bring our vast experience in delivering commercial-grade software to ensure successful business outcomes. SPECRIO believes in solving customer problems by bringing its deep expertise across domains and different stages of the product lifecycle. We build our own products and also develop customized solutions for our customer's unique challenges. Our sharp focus on outcomes will ensure that our customers succeed by partnering with us in their aspirations to serve their markets.

We are a startup with a deep commitment to delivering products and services to customers globally. We believe that technology is a means to help customers succeed. We are currently focused on American and Indian markets.

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