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Internship Details

If you could join our team as an intern, your role will involve:

- Gathering and writing content for the LZine app and web

- Conducting market research for information relevant to areas that LZine focuses such as - Travel, Health, Finance, Government, Tourism, Fashion, and more. 

The above-mentioned tasks are only a description of your primary role. At LZine, we appreciate proactive people who want to take up more responsibilities and channel their creativity into their work. So feel free to try your hand at other roles too if you’re interested in them, just don’t forget that you will first and foremost be a Content Writing and Market Research intern! 

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 3rd Dec `16


Rs. 10000-10000

About Company

LZine is an Intelligent Personal Assistant. LZine has both web and mobile app presence. It is an intelligent platform that can assist humans in their daily life by learning the users and understanding their needs. It offers most relevant information and services with the rich knowledge of users and their context. LZine is meant to be a friend to its users, and it becomes closer to its user as it learns them and their world better, that also increases LZine accuracy over time.

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