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Internship Details

About Internship:

Smart Contact Manager is an IT company in the United States that professionally develops software solutions for client tasks. Our current Smart Contact Manager application is new to the market and serves to simply share contact information in an email inbox.

We support our employees' desire to grow. We are willing to develop and offer higher positions and interesting tasks based on performance. The Support Specialist position is a great start for further professional and financial growth with us at our company.

Our ideal candidate:

- Able to listen and hear the customer and get into their problems. Willing to help users and improve the project;
- Very communicative, outgoing and positive. Able to write clearly, concisely and concisely, communicating his thoughts clearly;
- Able to work in a team, highly trainable.

If we have described your competencies, we would love to have you as part of our team. Great conditions for the best remote specialists guaranteed.


- Experience of 1+ years in the field of Internet projects as a support specialist preferably with technical knowledge of websites;
- Ability to keep the loyalty of users and encourage them to use the service;
- Ability to work with objections;
- High communicative skills and good writing skills;
- Politeness, friendliness;
- High speed of work.

Roles and Responsibilities:

- All communications with users - in writing;
- Writing competent texts, answers to frequently asked questions and templates;
- Moderation of user content.


- Remote work from anywhere in the world, on a convenient schedule (not less than 30 working hours per week);
- User-friendly interface for work, interesting tasks;
- Logically structured system of communication;
- Opportunities for career and professional growth;
- Work with Time Tracking program.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 24th Aug `21


Rs. 1000-2000

About Company

If you have a new member on your staff, it's easy to share all your business contacts. Or if you need to transfer contact data from one account to another - Smart Contact Manager can do this in a single click, synchronizes all data, provides the ability to manage access rights and also has a nice design.

Paving the way in the world of IT
Smart Contact Manager helps businesses to get the most out of technology and create new opportunities, to win in the competition and to successfully solve the most difficult tasks on the way to becoming the company of the future.
Our values and goals guide our actions. We believe that the way we get things done is just as important as the outcome. Guided by these principles, we continue to lead innovation.
Smart Contact Manager is creating a new digital ecosystem of society, implementing projects in 42 countries and providing a full portfolio of IT services in the field of systems integration, consulting, replicable products, managed B2B services, emerging "end-to-end" technologies - Big Data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, Internet of things, robotics, machine learning.

Smart Contact Manager is about courage, determination, innovation, endurance and hard work. These values were followed by a startup of 10 people that a few years later became a leader in the IT industry and a global company trusted by more than 42 countries around the world.
Today Smart Contact Manager continues to conquer new business heights, open the opportunities of information technologies for partners and clients, and actively participate in the formation of society's digital ecosystem.

Creating high-quality IT products and solutions, forming, developing and nurturing national IT elite.

Main activities of the company
- IT Consulting
- Custom development of information systems
- Distribution
- System integration
- Cloud services
- Technical support
- Training
Smart Contact Manager is trusted to handle complex and non-standard tasks. Smart Contact Manager holds the full spectrum of information security licenses for technical and export control and has a certificate of quality assurance system for design, development, production and maintenance of application software.

Smart Contact Manager consists of a team of professionals who not only know but love their job. Our application is gaining popularity, but we are lacking customer support professionals. We hope to find a good customer support specialist on Letsintern who knows how to talk well and intelligently.

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