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Internship Details

I'm looking for creativity, Attention to details, and responsiveness.

Candidate should not only be efficient but also be effective in his/her work.

Typical responsibilities of the job include:

liaising with editors, authors or designers

negotiating contracts and timescales

undertaking relevant research and generating ideas

drawing rough sketches for approval

producing final illustrations

promoting and running the business.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 23rd Nov `16


Rs. 8000-20000

About Company

Vaibhav Jaiswal has been closely associated with a number of highly reputed businesses and startup ventures for over a decade. To give budding ideas a chance to grow and gain value is of utmost importance to him. In the past 11 years, Mr Jaiswal has been closely associated with over half a dozen web marketing and digital promotion ventures which set him apart from the crowd of other entrepreneurs who struggle to get even one idea off the ground. Building a company from scratch and making it not only sustainable, but also profitable is something that he has been doing for the past many years. An expert in internet marketing, Mr Jaiswal is the Head of Internet Marketing for the very successful Rocket Internet venture printvenue.com, and his work with the online commercial printing company has been touted as one of the finest examples of leveraging internet promotion to make businesses scale more rapidly.

Years of managing B2B services for Indiamart has provided Mr Jaiswal with a unique perspective about the needs of the industry. To utilise his extensive understanding of the industry and to help emerging businesses, he has now started Catalyst Web Trendz.

With Catalyst Web Trendz, Vaibhav Jaiswal is all set to change the entrepreneurial scene. Catalyst Web Trendz will provide businesses with digital marketing facilities that are essential for them to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors in today’s technology driven market. Budding entrepreneurs will gain more than just digital exposure when they opt for his services. Catalyst Web Trendz is a digital marketing firm which offers cutting edge development, designing and marketing services. Mr Jaiswal’s experience in web promotion, business model optimisation, business vertical reintegration, business management and lead generation makes Catalyst Web Trendz the ideal digital marketing company for a wide range of business verticals. For the next decade, the market will be dominated by businesses that leverage online media properly. Digital marketing will be the factor that distinguishes top tier ventures and startups from the thousands of businesses that spring up each day. Mr Jaiswal will ensure that your business gets the strategic advantage that it needs to outperform everyone else

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