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Meter Down from Amchi Mumbai is looking for an in-house full time/ part time graphic designer who can design various communications for the company ranging from print to digital format. These communication will include conceptualizing, visualizing & designing of everything that comes out of the company -logos, posters, pamphlets, business cards, concept designs, literally everything! We have a chilled out scene at work while everyday we work on kick-ass strategics beating deadlines before time so that we always have some extra time for beer-ups. Our co-working office space in b?ndr? is made up of locals and expats working on all sorts of business and international projects. Some time back The Economic Times & Power of Ideas rated METER DOWN as a 'HOT' startup. (Whoa, fancy us much??) Your growth in the company is only in your hands and you will decide how much will you like to learn and grown. Apply if you are the one who would think of drinking beers in various coffee shops, ???? Mac endlessly, and making rough designs on tissue papers. May be you studied a wrong degree or still studying in a design school mastering your skills in graphics. Get in touch with us if people tag you as- the designer with headphones who wears sneakers with skinny jeans or every time you look at a communication and say 'I could have done it better' or the only reason why you were born is to break through the clutter! Our chief auto rickshaw driver is waiting to hear your story.

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Apply by: 17th Feb `14


Rs. 1234

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Auto Rickshaw Advertising Company

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