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Internship Details

Looking for a talented, skilled and passionate individual to work as an intern for the role of graphic designer for the pioneering online fitness coaching, consultation and education brand in India.

We are looking for PASSIONATE people that are eager to learn and will go above and beyond their duties for the growth and prosperity of the company and its brand.

Essentially, we need a unique individual who possesses the following skills:

- English as the first language.
- Exceptional graphic conceptualization and design skills with a specific interest in the brand building.
- Highly proficient with generating professional grade work.
- Immensely creative and never hesitant to push creative boundaries
- Very attentive to details.
- Well organized and timely.
- Responsible, reliable and trustworthy.
- A good team player.
- Eager to learn and improve your skills.
- Able to accept constructive criticism, comments, and feedback while staying positive.
- Fast learner and be able to adapt to different situations on a regular basis.
- Able to follow instructions but still confident and knowledgeable enough to take charge to make decisions.

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship:

- Work directly under the head of the company to completely re-establish current brand entity.
- Work on numerous exciting ideas and projects requiring exceptional graphic conceptualization and design including but not limited to branding, t shirt & apparel design, illustrations, Social media graphics, Banners, Posters, UI/UX design and product design
- Create generic graphics as and when needed for the purposes of content, marketing, branding, promotions, events etc.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 29th Jun `16


Rs. 5000-8000

About Company

Sebastian Fitness Solutions is one of the fastest growing fitness solutions brands in India and is THE destination for people from all walks of life to make a positive change in their lives through fitness. In an industry which is often clouded by shady practices and misinformation, our objective is to spread the truth and promote a scientific approach to fitness. Our goal is to spread the word of SCIENCE and a scientific approach to fitness which is needed to sift through the endless stream of misinformation in this industry. Education and promoting critical thinking is something we strive for here at SFS.

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