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Internship Details

About Internship:

In this internship, you will be dealing with our marketing and public reach department to expose our services and offering to as many potential customers and to increase the awareness around our brand.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Work on Chatbot, Email and Facebook marketing using tools like Facebook Ads, Facebook Groups, Manychat, Mailchimp, etc
2. Finding innovative ways to increase subscribers and deliver regular updates to the current subscribers
3. Be in sync with the content creation team and taking inputs from them to drive marketing campaigns.
4. Understand subscriber’s psychology and send targeted campaigns to them.
5. Active participation in social media strategy creation and content optimization
6. Must be able to work remotely in an efficient way using Trello and Google Sheets.
7. Must be able to engage & report on a regular basis and should be sincere with the timings of the deliverables.
8. Must be able to commit a minimum of 18-20 hours a week
9. Sharing of marketing campaigns through a personal network of colleagues and friends on different social media groups and communities to increase the chances of virality of content.


1. Internship Certificate as “Data Science Content Intern”
2. This is a remote internship.
3. Inclusion in the datum guy content team as “Data Science Content Intern”
4. Continuous supervision and mentoring by staff at datum guy in social media strategy creation, content creation, and user engagement and activity analysis.
5. Based on your overall performance and engagement you might be promoted for Analytics R&D roles (eg. Data Science - R&D Intern) in a few months.
6. Right to include datum guy as your employer on LinkedIn under the experience section.
7. Access to the development phase of all our new courses and training.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 23rd May `19


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About Company

DatumGuy is an educational brand covering the latest breakthroughs in Machine Learning that are changing the world. It is the best time to get started with machine learning as the real fun has just begin with advances in deep learning and reinforcement learning. We believe in the importance of understanding the theory of Machine Learning in Depth and also creating real-world Apps through it.

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