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Internship Details

1.Social Media Marketing Campaign(Content & Strategies)

2.Weekly Meeting (Personal / Skype)

3.Creating Brochures

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 9th Dec `16


Rs. 1000-1500

About Company

A sound foundation is the key to building a safe and long lasting construction. Likewise, is the case of one’s career choice and future life. It is the experiences, the pedagogy, the surroundings, the lessons learnt, interests developed during the early phase of a person’s life which shape one’s future decisions. By early phase of a person’s life we mean their early ‘Teen Age’. The age when the mind is running wild with ideas and imaginations and the heart brimming with hopes, wishes and aspirations. Unfortunately, it is a sad reality in our society, teen-age is a very critical phase & the most neglected one. It is during this time the grooming and shaping of an individual gets ignored, while the teen in their most formative age is surrounded by and deluged with:

Friends Family/

Social compulsion


Building Social Presence/

Identity Formation

Peer Pressure

Leisure Activities

Media Influence

Emotional Turbulence

Fear of Failure

Finding Purpose

Already wading through the chaotic aspects of adolescent life, the elders impose upon them their own hopes and unfulfilled wishes & comparison with others. The most muddled phase with social pressure and responsibilities, teens are further burdened with the most crucial decision of making a career choice. The number of choices has kept multiplying at an alarming rate and so has the exposure and availability of opportunities. This makes the child cringe further under the burden of making the right career choice.

A recent survey has found out, “90% people are found to be unhappy with their profession.” As we all know our professional life has a direct impact on our mental health, which in turn affects our personal & social life. Now, imagine the state of mind of a person who is unhappy for 35 years of their life because of a single mistake of selecting the wrong career? On reaching their mid-life, we often hear people exclaiming how they wished someone had taught/ guided/told them “how to choose a career” when they were in college.

Although many people do shift their careers in early 30’s and 40’s as they aren’t happy with their work; but this again comes with a lot consequences and big prices to pay. Instead, if a youngster is well guided and helped to introspect within themselves about themselves – think, plan and act accordingly – their life would turn out to be quite different. And the journey of LIFE and CAREER becomes a whole lot more pleasant and a rewarding experience.

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