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Internship Details

About Internship:

We welcome innovation and want to make the most of your individual skills and interests, so there is always room for creativity in developing your own role with us. Work can vary from website content development, to project evaluation, to coaching girls volleyball and other sports teams. While a lot of work will necessarily be office-based, volunteers are likely to also spend a significant amount of time in the field in order to better understand and contribute to Vikalp’s work. This field work may involve activities as varied as visiting day camps or workshops, documenting our work through photography or video interviews, or conducting surveys among communities.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Interns can can choose any of the following as per their interests and skills:
? Creating video documentaries
? Photographing Vikalp’s programs and activities
? Designing posters and other publications
? Designing and content updating for Vikalp website
? Creating and monitoring social media channels, reach and content
? Facilitating trainings for volunteers
? Joining a local task force
? Working with local government and community leaders
? Legal advocacy
? Working to broaden sports for empowerment programs
? Conducting public health surveys/workshops
? Writing/performing street plays
? Attending rallies, marches, protests and local celebrations
? Organizational Support
? Designing and updating Vikalp website
? Creating and monitoring social media channels, reach and content
? Drafting and editing concept notes, proposals for programs, grants etc
? Evaluating effectiveness of current Vikalp programs/structures
? Developing MIS system
? Development of Monitoring Tools
? Assisting in capacity building of Vikalp Team
? General support - I will help any way I can!


1. Letter of recommendation

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 13th Jun `19


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About Company

Our vision is to create a violence-free society based on equity, peace and justice, where all people enjoy

Physical and mental freedom for all

Freedom from gender violence

Equal opportunity

Freedom from discrimination

 Vikalp firmly believes that by changing the attitude of youth to gender equality – helping to inculcate a sense of justice, equality and independent thought – we can create a better society for our next generation. One of Vikalp’s key strategies therefore is to work with youth by sensitizing them to gender issues. Through them, we create awareness in the community, sensitize others to the various discriminations faced by women, help the survivors of violence and also advocate for policy changes from the village to the state level. Vikalp aims to target the issues of gender discrimination and violence in a holistic way by:

Conducting public awareness campaigns led by youth volunteers, change makers and community partners

Conducting discussion forums at local level to build community awareness and capacity around preventing gender discrimination

Advocating to local governments and community leaders on issues facing women

Motivating community members to address gender based issues through various networks and support groups, as well as links with government and other institutions

Raising awareness in local media and increasing coverage on issues around violence against women

Sensitizing men to the experiences and issues facing women

Holistically empowering survivors of violence, providing women with access to legal services, counseling, and regular follow-up

Developing and encouraging self-respect and self-worth among women and young girls, to assist women in recognising their inherent value and strength.

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