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Internship Details

About the Internship:

As a "Student Instructor" you have to create video courses on the subject of your expertise. The total length of the course should be 2-4 hours with every lecture between 5-15 mins.

This role will also involve researching about the learning habits of the students and popular topics for course creation.

More details to be discussed if you are shortlisted.

Who can apply:

If any of the below sounds familiar to you, you are the one we are looking for:

You are a topper in your class. (if not one, almost!)

You think you can teach better than your professor.

You have good command on the subject you want to teach.

You think you can change the world.

You want to get hands on experience before starting your own entrepreneurial journey.

You believe online education is the future of education.

You believe everyone has the right to learn.

Preferably you are a third or fourth year college student who is ready to work 8-10 hours a week for making a real difference in the way we learn.

Stipend Details:

You will receive Rs. 500-1000 for every video course you will create. Along with a fixed stipend, you will also get a percentage on every course sale.

Additional Benefits for you:

Opportunity to work with a group of IITians.

Gain insights into running and building a business.

Opportunity to make a difference.

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No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 13th Jan `16


Rs. 500-1000

About Company

We are LearnBox, a platform for E-Learning.
At LearnBox, we have an aim to connect educators and learners across the country! Discover from a range of Online Courses. Whether you are looking to improve your professional skills or you are passionate about your hobbies. We have something for you. We provide online courses in different subjects like finance, business management, webdesign, programming etc.

Imagine what the world could do if a village school teacher in Kerala or a professor of Physics in Germany are able to teach and connect with people in remote parts of Ghana or a village in Odisha? We are committed towards creating an online education platform which will bring the learned and the learner closer on the same stage!

This is a big dream! Come join us in making the dream come true where…
Anyone can Teach, Everyone can Learn!

Find out more about us at http://learnbox.in

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