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Internship Details

We are ok if you have finance skills alone OR legal skills alone.

Surgeway Biosciences is a new pharma startup/export house with a strong 34 year track record of domestic operations. The company is backed by a highly experienced team with more than 40 years experience in all aspects of pharma marketing.

The intern needs to have the following skills:

• Good written and oral communication

• Good at MS Excel and at MS Word

• Scrutinizing the documents carefully, and then making changes to them

• Internet Savvy - Googling and searching for regular updates

• Extremely quick on follow up

• Good negotiator/intelligent

• Don't give up attitude – Energetic and Aggressive

Work you’ll be doing:

Legal Work

• Exclusive Exporter agreements with manufacturer

• Mfr/Importer specific agreements - Co-ordinate with Lawyer and finalise

• Other Legal documents - Handle with Lawyer

• Make changes to templates of all Legal documents and get them signed, couriered & filed

• Searching of Brand name availability with IP india

• Filing of brand names with A to Z or Lipika

Financial Work

• Bank accounts maintenance

• L/C drafting and opening L/C's with banks + negotiation

• Communicating Payment Terms to the Importer, and ensuring adherence

• Payment to Manufacturers, and obtaining credit for the same.

• Making payments to all vendors

• Travel ticketing, Salary Payroll, etc.

• Meeting the banks, and follow up with them

• Pdt registration /COPP /Dossier/Site Reg/Sampling costs, etc.. Payment

• Invoicing / Purchase Entries /Cash Book/Petty Cash book/expenses/vouchers

• Prepare reports on a weekly basis, and send it to the directors


A Bachelor’s degree(preferably in Commerce), with atleast work experience of 1 year. 

Should be very comfortable with using Computers-Office(Word and excel), internet and emailing, as well as Google & search.

Good oral communication, as they have to interact with international clients

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 10th Dec `16


Rs. 10000-14999

About Company

We are a lean and focused pharma exports startup.

SurgeWay Biosciences is a pharma export house with an increasing presence in many countries. 

The company is part of a larger group which has been in the Pharmaceutical Industry for the past 32 years/since 1984.

Surgeway manufactures and markets its products globally with the experience of the senior management, which is equally matched with the enthusiasm of the younger generation. We have a wide range of products, and we are aggressively bringing new and exclusive products to the market.

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