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Internship Details

The Financial Doctors believe in Financial Literacy among Young Indians and Investors to boost the economy on all perspective. This internship tends to develop Financial Market Technical Analysis skills in all the participating interns. You'll be learning how to analyse Financial Markets, may it be Stocks, Commodities or Derivatives using basic & advanced Financial Technical Indicators and Fundamental Techniques.

Financial Markets are continuously evolving, making the fundamental techniques and studies less responsive. This internship tends to develop the dynamic adaptable skills to keep in pace with the evolving markets. You’ll be learning to play with fundamentals and develop adaptable profitable setups and researches.

The Stipend mentioned can be earned through referral of the official services of The Financial Doctors.

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 

- Developing Financial Technical Analysis skills in Indian and International Commodity & Stock Markets.

- Learning Practical Trading Skills in Real Time Live Markets.

- Developing Trading Psychology & Risk Management Skills.

- Using Fundamental Technical Analysis Skills.

- Playing with Technical Advanced Indicators to Create Unique Profitable Researches.

- Developing Chart Interpretation Skills to pull out Important Message from Market Forces in Real Time.

- Participating in Live Simulator Trading & Trading Competitions.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 21st May `16


Rs. 100-11000

About Company

At "The Financial Doctors", we perform technical analysis as a core part of our job. We are financial technical analyst in Futures Markets, specializes in MCX , NCDEX, Futures & Options and International Commodities Market (CME). Started as "Financial Experts" in 2001, the name later was changed to “The Financial Doctors" in 2003 . Initially the firm dealt in Equities alone, but later in 2005, the company extended its interest in Commodity & Futures Markets and since then, it is engaged in these fields. Our job revolves around researching and producing unique and exceptional theories and results in commodity and futures market. Interestingly, we have succeeded in formulating unique successful theories and formulas which we believe can revolutionize the investment risk management in commodities and futures market for short, medium and long term investments.   

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