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Internship Details

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 
1.Developing Technical Financial Analysis Skills in Indian and International Commodity & Share Markets.
2.Learning How to Develop Low/No-Cost Own's Innovative Technical Analysis Indicators.
3.Using Innovative and Creative ways Low/No-Cost Marketing to Sell their Product in the market.

Basic Stipend Rs.19,000/ Per Innovative Marketing Strategy
-Additional Rs.23000/ Per Indicator Stipend will be provided for creating any innovative Indicator for Technical Analysis.

-Additional Rs.11000/Per New Client Per Month Stipend will be provided throughout the Client's Service Life.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Dec `15


Rs. 11000-23000

About Company

At "The Financial Doctors", we perform technical analysis for external or internal clients as a core part of our job. We are financial technical analyst in Futures Markets, specializes in MCX and International Commodities Market (CME). Started as "Financial Experts" in 2001, the name later was changed to “The Financial Doctors" in 2003 . Initially the firm dealt in Equities alone, but later in 2005, the company molded its interest from Equities to Commodity Markets and since then, it is engaged in this field. Our job revolves around researching and producing unique and exceptional theories and results in commodities market. Interestingly, we have succeeded in formulating unique successful theories and formulas which we believe can revolutionize the investment risk management in commodities market for short, medium and long term investments.   

 ¬ What is The Financial Doctors all about?     

The Financial Doctors works as a business consultant and financial planner for different types of investors.

It not only provides its services in consultancy but also in making financial analysis of varieties of underlying assets traded in commodity market. The underlying objective of The Financial Doctors is to disseminate productive research and related information for investors in its network globally. In order to achieve this objective, we at The Financial Doctors believe in Financial Literacy among Young Indians and investors to boost the economy on all perspective. 

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