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Hello, we are a start up in international financial markets. We provide research and advisory services for World markets, forex and commodities. We would be starting our operations in December 2013 and are looking for interns to work as research associates. The intern would be working on global markets and macro economics. The duration of internship could be between 3-6 months. The candidate would be working from home and as such it would affect regular acedemics.

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Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st Dec `13


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About Company

Trivikram Capital Advisors is an Alternative Financial Research and Advisory firm. We specialize in deploying advanced Time and Price relationship models of GANN methodologies to gain a leading hand in predicting market movements and to capitalise on the same. We provide this alternative research for U.S. equities, World indices, International commodities and International Forex. At Trivikram, we intend to generate low risk, high return trading and investment strategies for our clients. At the core of our research and analysis lie the unbeatable techniques of GANN methodologies viz., GANN BOX, GANN ANGLES and THE SQUARE OF NINE. The most important characteristic that differentiates us from others is our ability to develop hand plotted charts required for superior analysis. Our charting techniques have stood the test of time and have always proven to be leading in nature.

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