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Internship Details

Our Chairman & Co-Founder along with his Cousin the Brand Director require a personal assistant to make calls, set meetings, manage offices, deliveries and other tasks such as building social media profiles. 

This position is suited to anyone whom would like to eventually own their own business or looking at a senior position in a luxury firm in the near future. 

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 23rd Nov `16


Rs. 500-15000

About Company

RRS Enterprise Investments, is one of the worlds largest private Haute Luxury Investment firms; with interests in Gorreri, Cecil Purnell, Royale Collection, Valentino, Zanotti. We have a power house of employees which predominantly all work on equity and commission. Certain roles exist where project based payments are made. Mainly all our staff are of an entrepreneurial aspiration We have 12 offices around the world and India is a new offices.

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