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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are looking for someone who are studying for or shall have a University degree in HR, in Journalism, Business, Arts, or any programs providing strong English language trainings or candidates with strong English language skills.
You shall be keen to learn, willing to work hard, maintaining productivity and committed to the job. 
You shall have chosen HR as your desired career and is strongly interested in an intern opportunity related to HR

Roles and Responsibilities:

Job Type: Internship or CO-OP
Job Experience: 0 - 5 year

Job Description
?Tasks include replying applicant`s emails, screening replies, and scheduling interviews by senior HR staff 
?Post job ads on general career websites, university and college career websites, and internship websites 
?Develop relationships with universities and colleges who have intern programs
?Participate in a team to organize virtual (online) global conferences
?Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn to invite conference speakers, attendees, or sponsors
?Perform social marketing to promote the conferences and events and our products
?Agenda preparation, care of speakers, attendees and sponsors, events coordination


Benefits of this Internship Include
?You gain real world work experiences at an internationally reputable high-tech company;
?Learn real world knowledge, work ethics, team spirits;
?Receive 3 certificates, and
?It is short & convenient: you can work from anywhere, makes you much more employable and competitive in the job market.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st Oct `20


Rs. 0

About Company

GAO Tek Inc. has grown into a North America-based global leading supplier of advanced fiber optic, electrical, environmental, structural, water, networking, computing and auto-ID products. It has been reported as one of the world leaders in several product categories.

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