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ny business, certainly one whose reason for being is people development, must count its own people as its strong assets. And so, we leave no stone unturned – indeed turn a few that would best be left unturned – to attract, hire, develop and retain our exceptional people.

What are we looking for? For those with attention deficit disorders: the mind of an assassin, the heart of a poet.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 5th Apr `15


Rs. 10000-30000

About Company

GameChangers is India's first and only fully integrated and diversified people development enterprise offering end-to-end learning and development services that ignite and improve individual and organizational performance significantly within a tangible, measurable and context-specific framework. Our value proposition is building people capability and eco-sytems that enable sustained excellence. Our suite of services - constituting performance consulting, L&D process outsourcing, behavioral, life and soft skills boot camps, entrepreneurship labs, performance arts based experiential programs- help a global clientele that includes Fortune 500 corporate houses, budding SME's, international consulates, eminent universities and prominent schools foster and sustain holistic excellence.

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