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Internship Details

I) Visit various locations in Bangalore where the trainees will be working.

-Document detailed feedback based on field observation.

Observations such as:

A) Their comfort level on the field.

B) Their confidence level in approaching prospects.

C) Flow in presentation.

D) No of approaches.

E) No of presentations.

NOTE: Feedback forms will be provided & all of the above observations will be documented on the

feedback forms provided by the trainer.

II) Training room assistance.

-Assist the trainer in the training room when activities are conducted.

-Build relation with the trainees.

-Monitoring trainees during assessments.

-Technical assistance including:

A) Video recording Oral assessments.

B) Sound recording mock presentations.

C) Capturing images/videos while trainees are on the field.

D) Assistance in training software if necessary.

NOTE: Training room has all technical equipments available. There are no expectations from the

interns to bring any technical equipment to achieve the above.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 18th Jul `16


Rs. 0

About Company

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